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Location: Amorgos, Cyclades, Greece
Dates: Sunday 17 September 2017 to Sunday 25 September 2017
Sanctioning: AIDA Hellas
Maximum number of Athletes we can accommodate: 80
Minimum number of Athletes we are expecting: 30
Weather Conditions: Based on past experience, during the proposed dates for the 2017 Authentic Big Blue,we expect sea conditions will befavorable, and September is traditionally a period of calm seas. Surface water temperature is predicted to 24°C – 26°C, with visibility around 30-40metres.Based on our diving experience, there are no currents that will impact the dive site.


Three training days will be allocated during the competition days.


The competition will be based off a boat permanently moored 0.5 miles offshore in a water depth of 150 metres. The trip from the Agia Anna beachfront to the moored boat takes 5 minutes.
One or two non-motorized counter-ballast systems will be used for the main dive lines, capable of lifting divers in case of emergency.
Two high resolution sonars will operate on the platform and the dive boat, giving detailed real time information on a diver’s progress.
3-6 warm-up lines will be available. The 2017 ABB safety team comprises of experienced and specifically trained competition safety divers, with an extensive background of safety diving in AIDA depth competitions.
Our experienced setup and crew have been used since the 2005 AIDA Hellas Depth Championships



The official competition pool for STA will be at the Aqua Petra Hotel. The venue includes changing room facilities, other amenities and appropriate medical facilities. Water temperature is expected to be around 25°-27°C. All transfers to and from the pool will be provided on specially chartered buses.



A fully equipped health center with an ER is located in the Chora of Amorgos, 10 minutes from our dive location, via rapid evacuation boat.
Throughout the competition, Medical Staff and Lifeguards will be available on location to assist in case of serious incident.
Evacuation will be to Agia Anna beachfront, approximately 5 minutes from the dive location, were a fully equipped ambulance will be on standby for transfer to the Amorgos’ Health Center (approximately a 10 minute drive from the beachfront).
O2 will be available for and decompression O2 will be available on the dive location for athletes who wish to use it. A dry area boat will be available for athletes wishing to warm-up dry.