Gastronomy Days Amorgos 

Amorgos Gastronomy days will be held each year in September and will last for one week, alongside the organisation of the diving race “The Big Blue Authentic”. This year they will be held during the 18-24 September 2017. It will be a celebration of the local gastronomy of the island and their purpose are:

  • The emergence and visibility of local recipes, products and gastronomic culture of the island of Amorgos from yesterday until today in a wider Greek and international audience with a look at the future of Amorgos cuisine

  • The acquaintance, and the deepening of the involvement of the whole population of Amorgos regardless of age and gender but also of visitors with the gastronomic culture of the island of Amorgos, and finally

  • The use of more and more local recipes and locally produced products from all of the food companies and Hotels of Amorgos, and training them in the use of these recipes and products.

Gastronomy Days Amorgos will have two main keystones:

The Products Exhibition & Gastronomy will work as a flea market. It will be held at Katapola of Amorgos and it will last throughout the duration of Gastronomy Days.

The hours of operation will be during the evening and will be announced soon. In this both local producers and shops on the island will be engaged, each with its own booth.

In this exhibition, local producers and shops who choose to participate will have the opportunity to exhibit their products, view them, advertise, and also sell to visitors.

Alongside the Exhibition of products the Gastronomy gourmet festival will take place. Amorgos Gastronomy Festival will have local character and will respect the region’s gastronomy, from its tradition and present to its tomorrow. The Gastronomic Festival will be a puzzle of different events around gastronomy:

  • A Gastronomy Conference will take place at Aigiali Amorgos on the identity and future of the cycladic dishes and especially that of Amorgos with great speakers. So far have been invited to speak: George Pittas, Dimitris Roysoynelos, Merope Papadopoulou, Thodoris Lelekas, Nana Darioti, Thalia Tsichlaki, Andreas Androulidakis, Dimitris Papazimoyris, etc.. The day of the Conference will be announced soon.

  • In Amorgos’ Chora a two-day event will be held on a date that will be announced having as its subject the wine and with guests the wineries mainly from the region of the Aegean Sea as well as some representatives from all over Greece.

  • At the monastery of Agia Paraskevi, the Cook of the homonym feast, Mr Mendrinos, and his staff will cook for attendees of the Amorgos Gastronomy Days. It is basically a representation of the great island celebration that takes place on the day of the feast of Agia Paraskevi in July. This year, the chef Alexander Papandreou will honour us with his presence that day, assisting in this great celebration.

  • In Amorgos’ Asfontyliti, a deserted village on the island which only operates a tavern without electricity and cook in a wood oven, the guest chef Nikos Karathanos will prepare for only 40 people a menu based on local products of the island.

  • Presentation of the books of the author Stefanos Dandolos “When you see the sea” and the authors Thaleia Tsichlaki, Nana Darioti and Andrea Androulidaki titled “Of the wind and saltiness” about the gastronomic culture and the culinary wealth of Cyclades. The two presentations will be in Tholaria of Amorgos on a date that will be announced soon.

  • No gastronomic festival would be complete without wine. Wine is not, as many people believe, merely an accompaniment to food, but something that elevates it. Wine is an integral part of the special moments of our lives and so, wines from all over Greece will be served at the meals that are planned on Amorgos and will also be showcased during a special two day tasting event on Chora’s Loza Square.

The events listed are only indicative since as we move towards the realisation of the Festival new events will be added continuously…stay tuned!

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