In 1988 the famous movie "Big Blue"
was filmed in Amorgos Island, Greece.
29 years later, we will dive again
in the same waters for the inaugural
Authentic Big Blue.


"I’d rather lose myself in passion than lose
my passion."
Jacques Mayol


"The free diver dives
to look within."
Umberto Pelizzari

The state of “Freefall”… What I seek the most in my freediving practice… But Why?
Letting your body sink, accepting the depth, the increasing pressure, the fading landscape… Every meter taken away from the surface is a meter taken into yourself… A moment of letting go… the fears, the unknown, the uncertainty of the ascent… You just let go and live the moment for what it is…
Something inside you has taken the control of everything, the perceptions of your body, of your limit, of the surrounding… And suddenly you get the message… a perception, an inner voice… this is it, you now have to turn and start your ascent… I always obey to this inner “message”

By Jenna Apokotos


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